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Finding the Right IT Security Partner and Solution for You

The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by online criminals—and their nonstop attempts to breach network security and steal data—have outstripped the ability of IT and security professionals to address threats. Most organizations do not have the people or the systems to monitor their networks consistently and to determine how they are being infiltrated.

The security talent shortage makes this problem worse: even when budgets are generous, CISOs struggle to hire people with up-to-date security skills. It’s estimated that by 2020, the industry will still be short more than 12 million security professionals across the globe. Also in short supply are security professionals with data science skills—understanding and analyzing security data can help improve alignment with business objectives.

CISOs struggle to hire people with up-to-date security skills.  The Saturn Partners, Inc., founded in 2001, began its existence at the very core of the security equation:  Writing much needed network security policies for banks, hospitals, utilities and other markets facing regulatory crackdowns on the handling, processing and transport of sensitive electronic data and traffic.

With services ranging from vulnerability and penetration testing to social engineering, disaster recovery planning, security policy development and regulatory compliance assistance, The Saturn Partners can provide the talent on a scalable and affordable basis for any organization no matter the size or budget.

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