Social Engineering

Just What is 'Social Engineering?'

Social engineering is a type of cyberattack where threat actors attempt to retrieve sensitive information by manipulating people into providing sensitive data, account credentials, or granting access to networks or systems.

Threat actors track our digital footprint to gather as much information as they can about an organization, its employees, and its vendors.

They then craft general or spear-phishing campaigns by preying on people's emotions or by impersonating authority figures to gain our credentials and personal information.

Social engineering is recognized as one of the greatest security threats facing organizations. It is extremely effective because the attacks are persuasive and very deceptive.

Who is a Potential Target?

The target of any social engineering attack relies on the threat actors’ goal. If they are looking to only gain credentials, then they may target anyone in the company.

However, more often you will see targeted spear phishing, or whaling attacks against department heads like the VP of Finance or executives like the CEO or CFO.

The threat actors are not shy about sending millions of emails to people at one time. All that is needed for a successful campaign is for one or two of those emails to be clicked on.

You can consider your business breached as soon as a user clicks a malicious link – regardless of how much money was invested into tools.

The Good News: All Hope is NOT Lost!

Unfortunately, threat actors will continue to do what works, and social engineering is here to stay.

But the good news is that we at Saturn Partners have an understanding of the problem, and we have developed techniques and tools to help you keep your company, your employees, and your sensitive information safe. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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