Redefining Professional Cybersecurity Services

We're a team of experts who will help you understand and address your cybersecurity risks.

Our Services


Uncover hidden weaknesses
in your defenses.

Our vulnerability assessments are your road-map to robust security. Know your risks, fortify your future.


Expose vulnerabilities
before hackers do.

Proactive internal/external penetration testing – the ultimate security audit.


Empower your team against securitythreats.

Elevate cybersecurity knowledge, fortify defenses. Awareness is your first line of defense.

Expert Cybersecurity Engineering

Saturn Partners provides comprehensive cybersecurity engineering and vulnerability assessment services using cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Ensure your business is secure from cybercrime by identifying and addressing system vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

Our Working Process

The Personal Consultative Approach



Our project kick-off sets the stage for success together.



We analyze your project to uncover insights for success.



We deploy our certified engineers quickly to identify threats.



We deliver detailed reports and complete solutions.


Years Of

Welcome to the Saturn partners difference

Cybersecurity engineering specialists since 2001

Our top notch certified cybersecurity engineers specialize in any kind of cyber work for YOUR business, no matter your SIZE and no matter WHERE YOU ARE.

Small, medium or large business… whatever your industry or specialty

We can custom tailor a cybersecurity plan for any size business.

Masters of the Art and Science of Securing Digital Assets

We hire experienced CISSP engineers with pen testing experience in GLBA and HIPAA environments.

Cyber Security Services

Our Unique, Hands On Approach

Security Awarness

Prevent cyberattacks by being aware! A security awareness program is recommended.

Risk Evaluation

Assess cyber vulnerabilities for peace of mind. Stay secure with our Risk Evaluation service.

Internal Vulnerability

We conduct vulnerability assessments to identify security flaws in businesses' infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Offering a full range of security testing to identify system vulnerabilities before being exploited

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a major security risk for organizations due to persuasive and deceptive attacks.

Certification Training

Rethink how you educate your staff so they will remember and act in your defense before it's too late!

Risk Evaluation

Are You At Risk?

Do you offer security awareness training for all employee levels and roles?

Do you have a network?

Do you have assets in the cloud (or need to convert)?

Do you use apps in your customer offerings to compete in the marketplace?

Are you testing regularly for security weaknesses or possible breach?

Do you have an up to date cybersecurity policy?

Can you defend yourself from a Social Engineering attack?

Do you know how to conduct a Social Engineering test to assess risk?

Do you offer security awareness training for all employee levels and roles?

A group of hackers in hooded attire are engaged in unauthorized access to a business's digital services, with a backdrop of vibrant data cables signifying the illicit data extraction process.

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We have always had good results when working with Saturn Partners. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. We would have no reservations working with them again.

Marcy Anderson

Midwest Bank

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