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The Saturn Partners, Inc.
Delivering Complete Cyber Security Life Cycle Management since 2001…

Our Services


The Saturn Partners is well qualified to lead clients through the maze of CIP standards and FERC 106 mandatory standards requirements.

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The remote Social Engineering engagement involves the manipulation of the organizations by telephone or email in an attempt to obtain user names, passwords, customer NPPI or other confidential information.

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The Saturn Partners, Inc. has formed a special service area for computer and network forensics, to address the need to gather sensitive and critical electronic and physical evidence to research and prosecute any scenarios in the network.

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Our vulnerability assessment looks at your desktops, servers, routers and firewalls and provides you with a snapshot of security issues that require addressing.

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Compliance with Government standards bodies such as SOX, ISO 27001, NERC, HIPAA, NIST 800 SERIES and GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY.

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The Saturn Partners Inc. has the expertise to assist clients in both government and private sectors in becoming compliant with the standards bodies using different state of the art processes.

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The Saturn Partners and Cyber Security Lifecycle Management – Our Commitment To You


The Saturn Partners’ cyber security team delivers security assessments and recommendations, solution engineering and implementation, training, auditing, and disaster planning and recovery. The Saturn Partners’ team of cyber security experts develops and implements solutions that conform to standards such as HIPAA, NERC, PCI, SOX and GLBA among others.


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Assisting clients with development and testing of ALL elements of a sound IT and environmental security plan. We provide services in North America & the Caribbean.
When We Started Our Journey


The Saturn Partners conducts in-depth research of your network and infrastructure environment, probing for vulnerabilities and seeking ways to assist in increasing security and compliance standards at all levels.

Since 2001, The Saturn Partners has used its multi-tiered Environmental and Vulnerability Analysis Audit formula to blueprint the way to a complete security program for both the network and critical infrastructure environments.

There are no two network or critical infrastructure environments alike. The Saturn Partners designs a custom approach for every client, no matter the industry or size… for every part of the program, including review/overhaul of security policies, network testing, compliance assistance, social engineering and disaster recovery planning.

Lastly, The Saturn Partners will develop and deliver step by step consulting assistance to instruct all management personnel on the methods of hardening equipment as well as implementation training. This will apply to everything from launching new security policies and environmental security plans, to planning for long term security measures. All of this is packaged in a user-friendly format for you to present to your IT, SCADA teams or your corporate/compliance board.


We have worked with Saturn Partners for several years now. We have always found them to be responsive to our needs and efficient. All of the employees are easy to work with and I would highly recommend them for any data security needs that might arise. Their work has always been done in a professional and timely manner. We have never had any issues with the reports that have been produced by Saturn Partners. The reports are always straight forward and easy to understand by both bank staff and regulators.
Marcy Anderson

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