Penetration Testing for Regional Banks and Healthcare Care Providers

Financial services and healthcare companies are two of the most heavily regulated industries with massive amounts of sensitive information that needs to be kept safe from malicious actors and cyber-attacks.

Pen testing prevents and detects cybersecurity threats by simulating an attack on system by a real-life hacker.

Banks want to make sure their networks and customer data is safe from potential data breaches, while hospitals need assurance that their patient records are secure. Through pen testing, these organizations can verify the security capabilities of their IT infrastructure and identify any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

While SPI is qualified to help any client with a cybersecurity environment shore up its defense and harden all systems to dramatically increase security profiles, we have specialized in financial services and healthcare organizations for over 20 years.

SPI dedicates it’s practice on small and medium sized regional banks and hospitals who face a double-edged problem being short staffed and smaller budgeted. For over twenty years, SPI has focused only on SMBS, solving cyber security needs.

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