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SCADA testing focuses on certain protocols which are the key to critical infrastructure operations and security. This specific type of testing is now being offered to our clients in these industries and others under the categories of Penetration Testing and Risk Assessments.
The Saturn Partners, Inc. have formed a special service area for computer and network forensics, to address the need to gather sensitive and critical electronic and physical evidence to research and prosecute any scenarios in the network environment.
Partnering with a state of the art software application, SPI is ready to offer this 24/7 system service which sends both email and voice mail alerts in an emergency and tracks the responses, at top speed and with scalability to fit all size user environments.
The remote Social Engineering engagement involves the manipulation of the organizations by telephone or email in an attempt to get employees to divulge user names, passwords, customer NPPI or other confidential information.
The Saturn Partners, Inc., has offered evaluation of existing BC plans not only complete evaluations of the current situation, but soup-to-nuts development efforts, plus the TESTING of that new or improved plan once it is completed.
At THE SATURN PARTNERS we specialize our policy development services to fit your organization and the network environment within it. By using careful analysis and discovery, we can construct a SCALABLE, UPDATABLE policy covering all areas of the environment.
The Environmental Audit is designed to conduct all security, compliance and policy/procedure assessments for companies looking to examine overall security levels in the environment.
Our vulnerability assessment looks at your desktops, servers, routers and firewalls and provides you with a snapshot of security issues that require addressing.
The Saturn Partners, Inc. have stayed at the forefront of addressing new security threats to your network due to deployment of new technologies, with clients from all level
The Saturn Partners Inc. has the expertise to assist clients in both government and private sectors in becoming compliant with the standards bodies using different art processes.

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