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Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments help analyze your business risks. The Saturn Partners, Inc will identify security holes and vulnerabilities within an organization’s infrastructure.


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Our analysis is not disruptive to your organization, with minimal or no impact on staff and business productivity.

Unlike penetration tests, where the objective of the test is to compromise or circumvent a system’s controls by emulating a hacker, a vulnerability assessment’s purpose is to identify security holes and weaknesses without penetrating the system with an exploit technique.

We conduct a three-step process

Information Gathering

The information-gathering phase creates a comprehensive network blueprint, including host types and operating systems, to ensure thorough mapping and address any blind spots. We collect domain names, IP network ranges, and host details like OS and applications

Vulnerability Scanning

Information gathered during the info-gathering phase aids vulnerability scanning and system penetration. SPI combines low-risk vulnerabilities to gain extensive access, often leading to data theft like passwords or specific targets identified by your company.

Penetration Testing

SPI's network penetration testing rigorously assesses internal defenses, seeking out vulnerabilities that internal attackers could exploit to disrupt network integrity, availability, or confidentiality. (See our Penetration Testing Services Tab for details.)

SPI’s Internal Security Assessment gives you the best of both worlds by performing a penetration test as a sub-component of the Internal Security Assessment. This enables you to see if your network can be penetrated from the inside and gives you a comprehensive list of all security vulnerabilities on your internal network.

Vulnerability Assessment

Here's What Our IT Audit Covers

SPI offers a Vulnerability Assessment that utilizes State of the Art enterprise software. The vulnerability assessment provides a rapid and efficient inventory of the devices, services, and vulnerabilities of internet-connected networks.

Information Technology Governance

Safeguarding Customer Information (GLBA Compliance, also HIPAA)

Operational Controls

Patient and Protected/Private Healthcare Information (HIPAA

Business Continuity Planning

Information Security

IT Infrastructure

ID Theft / Red Flags Program Compliance

Card issuance procedures for Debit/POS/ATM cards (financial services clients)

Check item imaging (financial services)

Website maintenance

Telephone Banking (financial services)

Courier controls (financial services)

.. and many more!