SCADA Testing/Nerc Compliance

Chemical, transportation, water and electrical utilities infrastructures are just a few of the environments vulnerable to downtime due to compromise, attack or failure of systems. SCADA testing focuses on certain protocols which are the key to critical infrastructure operations and security. This specific type of testing is now being offered to our clients in these industries and others, in addition to our standard types of IT security tests under the categories of Penetration Testing and Risk/Vulnerability Assessments.

The Saturn Partners, Inc. offers experienced SCADA engineers trained specifically to carry out these specialized tests, with the knowledge required to separate these tests and assessments to protect critical infrastructure operations from downtime while also testing IT security standards in the network environment. See our related article on the News page for more details, or check out our video to view this important technology segment airing on the Focus on America program.

The testing steps involved in SCADA testing, along with the performance of other IT security testing programs (both provided by The Saturn Partners, Inc.) provide clients with critical infrastructure and grid systems a complete security blueprint to protect both the network and infrastructure environments.

SCADA Testing for Critical Infrastructures/SCADA Systems Upgrades/Replacements

Through a combined effort with specialized partners serving the utilities, transportation and government sectors, SPI in 2019 is able to offer a full range of SCADA related services, including testing of SCADA systems, upgrades and full replacement of SCADA systems, if necessary, to meet NERC and other compliance standards for security and soundness.

Available through our partnership is suite of pipeline software products for energy; turnkey conversions, hosting and monitoring, and specialized software used to extract SCADA data from legacy systems, a visualization and decision support tool allowing instant access to SCADA and operational data, and a data broker connecting SCADA systems to Manufacturing Execution systems or enterprise databases.

Securing SCADA systems is nearly impossible. Internet connectivity continues to permeate into traditional closed, proprietary systems that employ many types of devices, from different manufacturers. These devices may be located in insecure locations. Now reachable online, the devices are susceptible to vulnerabilities and attacks such as Stuxnet and Duqu. Some systems may even be considered ‘unscannable’ because of their critical operational function.

The Saturn Partners’ integrated approach to security and risk offers unparalleled visibility into the security posture of corporate and SCADA infrastructures.