Compliance & Network Security Policies: The Reasons and the Results

Whether it is having court-allowable evidence to prove fraud, theft or negligence, or simply compliance with regulatory pressure to have proper WRITTEN network security policies in place, THE SATURN PARTNERS wants you to be aware of why it is critical to have these policies not only in place but UPDATED REGULARLY.

Your policies are your blueprint in case of disaster; your path to follow when training employees in sensitive positions, your guidebook when it is time to roll out a new operating system or expand your enterprise or management team in any way.

Solid network security policies are not to be confused with any type of “office manual.” Properly written policies should reflect all the state of the art technology in place at your organization and how to manage it, cope with it, protect it and react to disasters in the network and physical environment.

Most important is to realize that outside vendors can have access to private data and resources and that THEY TO must have policies governing them in this process to protect YOU.

At THE SATURN PARTNERS we specialize our policy development services to fit your organization and the network environment within it. By using careful analysis and discovery, we can construct a SCALABLE, UPDATABLE policy covering all areas of the environment, and offer ways to be sure your EMPLOYEES read the areas most crucial to them.

These are areas auditors focus on in particular, and where the most common breaches of security occur.

  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Traffic Monitoring/Logs
  • Operations/Organization Management/Controls
  • Use of Encryption
  • Privacy and Use of Corporate Property
  • Data Storage/Archiving and Backup
  • Personnel
  • Email Usage
  • Training
  • Physical Security
  • Intranet/Internet Security
  • Personal Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote Access
  • Password Security

Whether you are attempting to adhere to standards under guidelines issued by SOX, NERC, the ISO 27001, HSPD-12, NIST-800, Homeland Security Act, GLBA, NCUA, FDIC, HIPAA, or American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program, your network security policies should clearly match all the regulatory guidelines for the highest privacy, security or safety and soundness levels for your security plan.

The Saturn Partners, Inc. has focused on assisting clients with development and testing of ALL elements of a sound IT and environmental security plan since 2001.