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Emergency Notification Services

The Saturn Partners, Inc. is pleased to announce the offering of a highly valuable service, requested for some time from our emergency rescue, government and academic clients- that of Emergency Notification in times of emergency.


Partnering with a state of the art software application, SPI is ready to offer this service in conjunction with our risk assessment or disaster recovery/business continuity services, or as a stand alone service.


This web based, 24/7 system sends both email and voice mail alerts in an emergency and tracks the responses, at top speed and with scalability to fit all size user environments.


Some of the uses of the services:


  • Business Continuity Planning and Execution
  • Internal Communications
  • Communication between rescue teams and users in case of weather or national emergency


Elements of the emergency notification service are as follows:



  • It uses reliable text messaging, which gets through when phone calls won’t It is flexible, scalable and designed to meet stringent customer needs under a patent pending service
  • There is no hardware or software to buy; no IT personnel is needed at client site to manage the service as it is all remote based at RA facilities in the southeast
  • It is easy to understand and implement
  • Can be funded by eliminating calling trees and pager systems
  • Small groups can register online and start using the system immediately
  • Proven web-based global coverage for speed and reliability
  • Large users can use custom data import (see reference information below on attachments)
  • Multi-threaded, high volume alert transmission center
  • Multi-layer Internet, application and database security
  • Geographically dispersed and redundant failover sites
  • All sites deliver high-availability and are full secure
  • Client hosting available and fully scalable to meet demand


The service was built out of the emergency scenarios of 911 when only text notification worked when telecom systems went down. The service has been provided since 2002, and a host of industries use it nationwide, including the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border agencies, state and municipal government and scores of others.


Please contact us at


The Saturn Partners, Inc. is prepared to help you close the gap between the disaster and alerting of all affected parties during an emergency… call us today.

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