5 Steps to Ensuring your Patient & Employee Data is Safe

Saturn Partners leverages a best in class methodology to execute the most robust pen testing in healthcare.

Saturn Partners provides healthcare operators with the most robust penetration testing in the industry. Leveraging more than 3 decades of experience, industry leading technology and best in class partners, we are able to identify, document and neutralize risk associated with the collection, storage and sharing of personal and healthcare information.

The healthcare sector cannot wait extended weeks to contract, conduct planning, discovery, and kickoff a penetration testing project. This urgency has risen with the rapid increase in cybercrime directed at healthcare institutions, especially since COVID-19, which has resulted in a 600% increase in cybercrime. Our job at Saturn Partners is to tighten and hone the approach, deployment, remediation, and testing process so clients don't have to wait weeks for a testing project to deliver results.


The Saturn Partners can launch your contract within days of signature, including all kickoff communication. We move through the testing, remediation, and reporting stages within several weeks, an improvement in turnaround time by over 50% of tests undertaken a few years earlier. Regarding assisting clients in the healthcare sector with HIPAA Compliance, The Saturn Partners offer experience and in-depth discovery. Our testing methods are based on two decades of real-life experience in the trenches of the turbulent and ever-changing healthcare services industry.

We invite you into The Saturn Partners orbit to help your institution soar past the competition and reduce the chance of breach or HIPAA audit using our proven techniques.

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