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The Saturn Partners, Inc. | HIPAAFocus is offering the option of developments throughout the year.
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The Saturn Partners. Inc, network security and compliance firm has assisted healthcare clients with HIPAA compliance efforts since its inception in 2001.   SPI has developed a new SUBSCRIPTION BASED service, called “SPI HIPAAFocus,” offering the option of continual assistance with changes, developments and updates throughout the year, offered on annual based subscription, to provide the following assistance for entities of ALL sizes.  This can be implemented for any “covered entity” as outlined in the HIPAA rules:


It could, for example be the 500+ bed hospital facing recent IT and compliance staff layoffs, forced to outsource more than they are comfortable with when it comes to compliance.  Or, it could fit your smaller CE, a small practice with fewer than 20 employees, facing the same issues and worries.  Here are the service points of this scalable, customizable plan:


HIPAAFocus Subscription Based Annual Service Offering Includes the Following for the CE:


  • Dedicated SPI support specialist serving clients HIPAA compliance program.
  • On-Demand  Direct phone and email support with consultant.
  • Quarterly Review Offering Guidance on client business issues impacting client compliance requirements.
  • Providing SPI experience and best practices to improve client compliance program.
  • Compliance document review, for example, training and awareness, Business Associate Agreements, logs and forms.
  • Provision of development as well as updates of additional HIPAA policies, procedures and implementation steps.
  • Guidance on basic forensics as well as data breach or security incident investigation assistance during crisis or disaster in the network environment
  • Monthly newsletter tailored to client including opinions on HIPAA regulations impacting business process.
  • Quarterly compliance review to discuss administrative, physical and technical safeguards.


Visit us at; email us at for more information.


The Saturn Partners, Inc… Your Partner in Security, Compliance and Preparedness Since 2001.


Provide back-up to compliance officer in emergencies.


Risk Analysis: Assist client with annual risk analysis preparedness, including review of BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and all disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Carole Crawford

AUTHOR - Carole Crawford

I have been in the IT Security industry for over 10 years and have extensive experiences working with a wide variety of companies like banks, hospitals, utilities, and more. When it comes to IT Security, Auditing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and HIPAA compliance, you'd be hard-pressed to find more value in any other company.

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