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Protect Your Bank with Financial Services Penetration Testing

Our Comprehensive Strategy to Shore Up Cybersecurity Concerns

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) has become significantly stricter on data privacy while broadening the definition of financial services to include retail, insurance, and even universities that provide financial aid. The newly toughened GLBA calls for secure application development practices and protection of consumer data in development environments. It imposes massive fines on organizations if nonpublic personal data is exposed in addition to possible jail time for officers. The FTC issued a December 9, 2022, deadline to comply with new data security practices outlined in the GLBA Safeguards Rule and banks must act now.

What is Financial Services Penetration Testing?

Financial services penetration testing is a comprehensive strategy designed to protect your bank’s systems from potential cyber threats. This process involves running a series of tests to identify any vulnerabilities in existing systems, applications and networks. By utilizing this process, we can help you shore up any potential cybersecurity risks and assist with developing stronger protection measures.

Penetration Testing from SPI

Our team of experts can help small and regional-sized banks assess their level of cybersecurity risk and develop a comprehensive strategy to protect their systems. We provide comprehensive assessment services that cover the entire scope of financial services penetration testing, including the analysis of existing systems, applications, and networks. Our team is highly experienced in helping banks identify and address cybersecurity needs.

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