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Cloud Security

Challenges relating to security and privacy continue to rank highly on the list of concerns for both IT and business executives. In a 2019 survey, security ranked as the top challenge facing executives. In one reviewed earlier this year, security-related challenges such as data loss and intellectual property theft ranked below other issues such as integration challenges and implementation costs.

This does not mean that security is no longer a key issue for executives. Of the possible security concerns, data loss and privacy risks were cited the most often by respondents, while general security risks and risk of intellectual property theft were only somewhat less frequently identified.

Confidence in security grows

Reviewing data gathered from both surveys shows that security-related concerns are still top of mind; the real story underlying these findings is that organizations are quickly gaining more confidence in the security of their cloud services providers.

In our view, concerns related to security do not seem to be slowing cloud adoption. In fact, more than a third of respondents suggest that their organizations will adopt cloud within the next 18 months in areas such as sourcing and procurement; supply chain and logistics; finance, accounting and financial management; business intelligence and analytics; and tax.

Functions that were previously considered too sensitive or complex for cloud are now being put on the table. That’s a sure sign that executives are becoming more confident in their cloud providers’ security regime. But the fact remains that security is still a significant concern for business and IT leaders.

We at The Saturn Partners, Inc. have made cloud security paramount in our assessments, compliance audits, and security policy development projects since early 2013. We expect this service to expand given the pace the development of this technology is quickening. Our state of the art tools and top notch staff of experienced CISSP level engineers, along with testing and hardening of systems, policies and disaster preparedness, within the cloud environment make a winning combination to secure this new virtual world we are taking on within our network security environment.

The Saturn Partners have been assessing, testing, analyzing, developing and deploying customized security programs for every corporate environment since 2001. These clients are in the banking, health care, utilities, education and government sectors. All of these clients are either planning their entry into cloud computing or are coming to Saturn for neutral third party assessments and testing. This includes disaster recovery planning/testing and security policy development and compliance assistance programs. With experience helping clients as well with compliance assessment (NERC, GLBA, FDIC, HIPAA), we have learned to stay “ahead of the curve” developing solutions for securing the latest and most challenging client’s network environment.

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