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Masters of the Art and Science of Securing Digital Assets

For Small and Regional Hospitals, Clinics, Banks, and Credit unions that must harden and protect their networks, cloud, and web app environment from intruders, breaches, and theft of personal and company information, The Saturn Partners offers cyber security penetration to find and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

We go in deep to find weaknesses, bad actors, vulnerabilities, or breaches, quickly progressing with swift remediation and in-depth reports covering technical and non-technical areas of the business.

We staff projects with the top experienced CISSP-level engineers having years of pen testing experience in GLBA and HIPAA-regulated environments.

The Saturn Partners Origin Story

The Saturn Partner Founder, Carole Crawford, grew up on the "Space Coast" of Florida as a child in the 1960s and 1970s. Carole was thrilled to be part of an incredible and unique Saturn V program where her father worked for Boeing developing the massive SATURN engines to pilot the first stage of the Saturn V rocket to the moon. The Saturn Partner is an homage to those times of innovation and expertise.

"There were five of these monster engines, and my intense pride in this program and my late father were the two reasons I chose Saturn, as it was best-of-breed. They were capping all the wonderful technology advancement, resulting in United States leadership in this area, even to the present-day craft," notes Crawford.

In addition to The Saturn rocket program, the planet Saturn in mythology is the taskmaster and teacher planet. Hard work and more complex lessons resulted in The Saturn Partners' efforts to provide cybersecurity services to regulated industries.

Built for Pen Testing

Topflight cybersecurity engineers stand ready to design a safe cyber environment with state-of-the-art testing, analysis, and proven techniques to immediately find and fix the weaknesses in your environment. This includes in-depth expertise in the regulatory environments to assist financial services and healthcare clients from suffering not only breaches but to harden the cybersecurity environment.

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